New Big Brother is an online Tumblr game based on Big Brother where each week there is a Head of Household competition where the winning competitor nominates two people for eviction. There is a Power of Veto competition where the Head of Household, the two nominees and three players picked from random draw are chosen. 


Season 1

  • The house guests were put in duos and when a member from the duo is evicted, the other would receive a Golden Key and would be safe for five weeks up to the Final 10.
  • The house guests were notified Week 4 that there will be a 9 person jury. 
  • The house guests were notified Week 2 that there would be a Double Eviction, and also Week 7.
  • The house guests were notified Week 6 that a Coup d'Etat was in the house, and it was found and used the current week.